Railway stock price data.xls

Michael Buchner ;
Tobias A. Jopp

From the dataset abstract

We present a dataset on daily spot and forward prices of seven major Prussian railway companies’ stock as traded at Berlin Stock Exchange between 1875 and 1884. In late 1879, the Prussian...

Source: Ten years of daily stock prices on seven major Prussian railways (1875–1884): An Introduction to the Data


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Format XLS
License CC-BY 4.0
Type data
Version 1
Authors Buchner, Michael and Jopp, Tobias A.
Publication Date 2020
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URL https://journaldata.zbw.eu/dataset/12506b5b-62b5-47b4-84f1-aab80d50e66d/resource/e5ef9258-3d57-4a1a-a543-0fac522accf7/download/railway-stock-price-data2.xls
Last updated June 10, 2020
Created June 10, 2020