Werner Scheltjens

Estimated total turnover of trade through the Danish Sound, 1670-1856 (annual statistics; in tonnes). The series include an attempt to estimate the tonnage of Swedish tax-free shipping through the Sound between 1670 and 1720.


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Field Value
Format XLSX
License CC-BY 4.0
Type data
Version 1
Authors Scheltjens, Werner
Publication Date 2020
Availability Download
Geographic Area (free) Baltic Sea region
Temporal Coverage (controlled) 1670-01-01 to 1856-12-31
Temporal Coverage (free) 1670-1856
Unit Type TimeUnit
Number of Units 188
Sampled Universe
Number of Variables 9
URL https://journaldata.zbw.eu/dataset/1c46ea25-5bfd-4486-84d9-54a58e844add/resource/390bfde4-9a0f-403e-9697-629206985b04/download/turnover.xlsx
Last updated September 8, 2020
Created September 8, 2020