Werner Scheltjens

Replication method for Tetradas: Dataset of tonnage estimates of trade through the Danish Sound, 1670–1856. Please note: Slight differences between the data downloaded in 2014 and 2016 and used in Tetradas and the data that is currently available for download on the website www.soundtoll.nl may occur. The replication method starts from the ‘raw’ data that downloaded from the website of the Sound Toll Registers Online project (www.soundtoll.nl). Twelve steps describe how to replicate the statistical series of Tetradas using the auxiliary tables in the online documentation. Data from STRO for the year 1730 are used as example. An access database, which contains the 1730 data as well as the different steps of the replication procedure, provides assistance during the replication process.


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Authors Scheltjens, Werner
Publication Date 2020
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Last updated September 7, 2020
Created September 7, 2020