Uma Rani ;
Marianne Furrer

Replication files for Rani and Furrer "On-Demand Digital Economy: Can Experience Ensure Work and Income Security for Microtask Workers", Journal of Economics and Statistics (Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik), forthcoming.

The code was written and implemented in Stata 15. The data is provided in Stata 11 format.

Data: ILO Survey of Crowdworkers, 2017.

The dataset provided here (ILO_CW2017_JBNST.dta.) contains selected variables, used in the analysis. All variables and values in the dataset are labelled.

For more info on the data and its collection process, see Berg et al. (2018), “Digital labour platforms and the future of work: Towards decent work in the online world”.

Do-file: “”

The code provided in the do-file allows reproducing the results presented in the tables and graphs in the paper. It was written and implemented in Stata 15.

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Authors Rani, Uma and Furrer, Marianne
Publication Date 2019
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Created August 8, 2019