VPI Tabellen und Dokumentation.xlsx

Gerald Hubmann ;
Clemens Jobst ;
Michaela Maier

Long-Run Consumer Price Index for Austria, 1800–2018


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Format XLSX
License CC-BY 4.0
Type data
Version 1
Authors Hubmann, Gerald and Jobst, Clemens and Maier, Michaela
Publication Date 2020
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Geographic Area (controlled) Austria
Geographic Area (free)
Temporal Coverage (controlled) 1800-01-01 to 2018-12-31
Temporal Coverage (free)
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Sampled Universe
Number of Variables
URL https://journaldata.zbw.eu/dataset/eece01f3-0e22-43c5-9218-2567878564c7/resource/e1026676-f0a2-49a5-9c31-616c592bc162/download/hubmann-jobst-maier-vpi-tabellen-und-dokumentation.xlsx
Last updated January 9, 2020
Created January 9, 2020