Akinwanda Atanda ;

This is the workfile that allows push-button replication of all the results in the paper. Please see the ReadMe file for instructions.

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Field Value
Format eviews, wf1
License CC-BY 4.0
Type data
Version 1
Authors Atanda, Akinwanda and Reed, W. Robert
Publication Date 2019
Availability Download
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Unit Type
Number of Units
Sampled Universe
Number of Variables
URL https://journaldata.zbw.eu/dataset/826adbad-14d7-49f1-9b38-1f36a3c8a3b1/resource/298157ab-e221-4e59-9d6d-2400d390499f/download/hartwig20190505.wf1
Last updated May 9, 2019
Created May 9, 2019