compilation of commercial property price indices for germany tailored for policy use

The compilation of commercial property price indices is challenging. Policymakers urge for timely, reliable and comprehensive data. In Germany, lack of data prevents the calculation of official figures by the national statistical authority. Different applications of price indices need different definitions of commercial real estate. Commercial property price indices according to these definitions are constructed on the basis of existing data for 127 German towns and cities (that cover about one-third of German population). The overall price developments revealed by the various indices are rather similar in terms of central time series characteristics, while differences in detail can be explained by their specific compositions. Price increases for all definitions have been strongest in the seven largest cities. The definitions tend to lead to more marked differences for medium-sized towns.

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Knetsch, Thomas (2021): Compilation of Commercial Property Price Indices for Germany Tailored for Policy Use. Version: 1. Journal of Economics and Statistics. Dataset.

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