LV-West II T: The Between-Wars Generation and the ...

Martina Eschelbach

Detailed information and judgements on courses of life in the areas family, education and employment.
1. Family origin of target person: social origin; information on natural mother, natural father or stepparents and foster parents as well as on siblings; information on courses of life of siblings. 2. Residential history and places of stay: residence description and reasons for change; supplemental questions on household structure and mobility. 3. School and occupational biography: school and occupational training.
4. Employment history, occupation and work life: positions and activities of employment life; times of no contribution to retirement program; gaps in employment; side jobs; occupational further education; work efforts; memberships; illness history.
5. Personal family: marriage biography; partner situation; information on earlier spouse; information on current spouse or companion through life; information on children.
6. Economic situation: assets; income; pension situation.
7. Politics and religion: biography of personal behavior at the polls; behavior at the polls of parents; interest in politics in parental home; religious upbringing, leaving the church and religious affiliation.
8. Present activities; interests and needs; strain from interview.
9. Also encoded were: estimated length of interview; problems in conducting the interview; reasons for interruption.

Dataset is available at doi:10.4232/1.2646

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