Peter Pütz
Arne Kramer-Sunderbring
Robin Tim Dreher
Leona Hoffmann
Robin Werner

a proposed hybrid effect size plus p-value criterion. a comment on goodman et al. (2019). r code

This repository contains the R source code to reproduce the simulation results in the comment by Peter Pütz, Arne Kramer-Sunderbrink, Robin Tim Dreher, Leona Hoffmann, and Robin Werner (Journal of Comments and Replications in Economics, Vol 1(2022-4). DOI: 10.18718/81781.26) on Goodman et al. (2019).

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Suggested Citation

Pütz, Peter; Kramer-Sunderbring, Arne; Dreher, Robin Tim; Hoffmann, Leona; Werner, Robin (2022): A Proposed Hybrid Effect Size Plus p-Value Criterion. A Comment on Goodman et al. (2019). R Code. Version: 1. JCRE. Dataset.

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