Todd E. Elder
John H. Goddeeris
Steven J. Haider

isolating the roles of individual covariates in reweighting estimation (replication data)

A host of recent research has used reweighting methods to analyze the extent to which observable characteristics predict between-group differences in the distribution of an outcome. Less attention has been paid to using reweighting methods to isolate the roles of individual covariates. We analyze two approaches that have been used in previous studies, and we propose a new approach that examines the role of one covariate while holding the marginal distribution of the other covariates constant. We illustrate the differences between the methods with a numerical example and an empirical analysis of black-white wage differentials among males.

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Suggested Citation

Elder, Todd E.; Goddeeris, John H.; Haider, Steven J. (2015): Isolating the Roles of Individual Covariates in Reweighting Estimation (replication data). Version: 1. Journal of Applied Econometrics. Dataset.