Christopher J. Cronin
David K. Guilkey
Ilene S. Speizer

measurement error in discrete health facility choice models: an example from urban senegal (replication data)

We use individual-level health facility choice data from urban Senegal to estimate consumer preferences for facility characteristics related to maternal health services. We find that consumers consider a large number of quality related facility characteristics, as well as travel costs, when making their health facility choice. In contrast to the typical assumption in the literature, our findings indicate that individuals frequently bypass the facility nearest their home. In light of this, we show that the mismeasured data used commonly in the literature produces biased preference estimates; most notably, the literature likely overestimates consumer distaste for travel.

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Suggested Citation

Cronin, Christopher J.; Guilkey, David K.; Speizer, Ilene S. (2019): Measurement error in discrete health facility choice models: An example from urban Senegal (replication data). Version: 1. Journal of Applied Econometrics. Dataset.