Elliot Anenberg
Aurel Hizmo
Edward Kung
Raven S. Molloy

measuring mortgage credit availability: a frontier estimation approach (replication data)

We construct a new measure of mortgage credit availability using a technique developed for production frontier estimation. The resulting loan frontier describes the maximum amount obtainable by a borrower of given characteristics. We estimate this frontier using mortgage originations data from 2001 to 2014. We find a substantial expansion of mortgage credit for all borrowers during the housing boom, not only for low-score or low-income borrowers. The subsequent contraction in credit was most pronounced for low-score borrowers. Using variation in the frontier across metropolitan areas over time, we show that borrowing constraints played an important role in the recent housing cycle.

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Suggested Citation

Anenberg, Elliot; Hizmo, Aurel; Kung, Edward; Molloy, Raven S. (2019): Measuring mortgage credit availability: A frontier estimation approach (replication data). Version: 1. Journal of Applied Econometrics. Dataset. http://dx.doi.org/10.15456/jae.2022327.0710119133