Jason Ansel
Han Hong
Jessie Li

ols and 2sls in randomized and conditionally randomized experiments

We investigate estimation and inference of the (local) average treatment effect
parameter when a binary instrumental variable is generated by a randomized or conditionally randomized experiment. Under i.i.d. sampling, we show that adding covariates and their interactions with the instrument will weakly improve estimation precision of the (local) average treatment effect, but the robust OLS (2SLS) standard errors will no longer be valid. We provide an analytic correction that is easy to implement and demonstrate through monte carlo simulations and an empirical application the interacted estimator's efficiency gains over the unadjusted estimator and the uninteracted covariate adjusted estimator.
We also generalize our results to covariate adaptive randomization where the treatment assignment is not i.i.d., thus extending the recent contributions of Bugni et al. (2017a) and Bugni et al. (2017b) to allow for the case of non-compliance.

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Ansel, Jason; Hong, Han; Li, Jessie (2018): OLS and 2SLS in Randomized and Conditionally Randomized Experiments. Version: 1. Journal of Economics and Statistics. Dataset. http://dx.doi.org/10.15456/jbnst.2018193.020733

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