Federico Quaresima
Raffaella Santolini
Fabio Fiorillo

political affiliation in post-parliamentary careers in italian public enterprises

It has long been recognized that the presence of politicians on the boards of directors of public firms may create inefficiencies. Nevertheless, research has so far neglected the effect of political affiliation on the appointment of Members of Parliament to the boards of public firms. This article intends to fill this gap by conducting an empirical analysis on a sample of 945 deputies of the Italian Parliament elected over the period 1996-2001. Regression discontinuity estimates show that the centre-left coalition is about 25 percentage points more likely to appoint its Members of Parliament to the board of public enterprises than the centre-right coalition. Political appointments become more pronounced when the centre-left forms a governing coalition.

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Quaresima, Federico; Santolini, Raffaella; Fiorillo, Fabio (2019): Political affiliation in post-parliamentary careers in Italian public enterprises. Version: 1. German Economic Review. Dataset. http://dx.doi.org/10.15456/ger.2019302.170040

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