heavy tailed, but not zipf: firm and establishment size in the u.s. (replication data)

These folders and files document the necessary steps to replicate all results in the paper and appendix of: “Heavy Tailed, but not Zipf: Firm and Establishment Size in the U.S.” by Illenin O. Kondo, Logan T. Lewis, and Andrea Stella.


The tables and figures of this paper are produced using two different types of data: 1. Restricted-access microdata. This data is not provided in the replication files.

The Census Bureau's Disclosure Review Board and Disclosure Avoidance Officers have reviewed this information product for unauthorized disclosure of confidential information and have approved the disclosure avoidance practices applied to this release. This research was performed at a Federal Statistical Research Data Center under FSRDC Project Number 2427 (CBDRB-FY22-P2427-R9685). We also include in the paper data from disclosures released under Project Number 1287 on 2017-08-30 (request 5949), 2017-09-08 (request 5949), 2017-12-12 (request 6227), and 2018-06-11 (request 6810).

Researchers with access to the LBD and CMF can use the references above to request access to the code used to produce the results disclosed from the RDC. To gain access to the Census microdata, follow the directions on how to write a proposal for access to the data via a Federal Statistical Research Data Center: https://www.census.gov/topics/research/guidance/restricted-use-microdata/standard-application-process.html.

  1. Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS): This data is publicly available from the Census Bureau at https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/bds.html


For each table and figure, we specify whether the code is available in this replication packet or within the Census RDC.

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Kondo, Illenin; Logan, Lewis; Stella, Andrea (2023): Heavy tailed, but not Zipf: Firm and establishment size in the U.S. (replication data). Version: 1. Journal of Applied Econometrics. Dataset. http://dx.doi.org/10.15456/jae.2023061.2012060686

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