still different after all these years (replication data)

Notes on the firm level data used in the paper "Still different after all these years - Extensive and intensive margins of exports in East and West German
manufacturing enterprises" by Joachim Wagner

The firm level data used in the paper are taken from surveys that are administered by the statistical offices. These data are strictly confidential, but they can be used by researchers inside the research data centers of the statistical offices. For more information on how to access the data see and go to the link . The computations for this paper use a tailor-made data set that combines firm level data from various surveys; for details see section 2 of the paper and the literture cited there.

The Stata-do-file "" prepares the data and computes descriptive statistics and tests for differences between east and west German firms. The Stata-do-file "" estimates the empirical models for the export margins and performs the decomposition analyses.

Researchers interested in using the data and do files for replication and extensions are encouraged to contact the author vial email at .

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Suggested Citation

Wagner, Joachim (2016): Still Different After All These Years (replication data). Version: 1. Journal of Economics and Statistics. Dataset.