Mathias Klein
Roland Winkler

the government spending multiplier at the zero lower bound: international evidence from historical data (replication data)

Based on a large historical panel dataset, this paper provides evidence that the government spending multiplier can be significantly higher when interest rates are at or near the zero lower bound (ZLB). We estimate multipliers that are as high as 1.5 during ZLB episodes but small and statistically indistinguishable from zero during normal times. Our results are robust to different definitions of ZLB episodes, alternative ways of identifying government spending shocks, controlling for the exchange rate regime, and other potentially important state variables. In particular, we show that the difference in multipliers is not driven by multipliers being higher during periods of economic slack.

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Suggested Citation

Klein, Mathias; Winkler, Roland (2021): The government spending multiplier at the zero lower bound: International evidence from historical data (replication data). Version: 1. Journal of Applied Econometrics. Dataset.