Chi-Yang Chu
Daniel J. Henderson
Le Wang

the robust relationship between us food aid and civil conflict (replication data)

Humanitarian aid has long been considered an important means to reduce hunger and suffering in developing countries. A recent finding by Nunn and Qian (US food aid and civil conflict, American Economic Review 2014; 104: 1630-1666) that such aid from the US increases the incidence and duration of civil conflict in recipient countries, however, questions the effectiveness of this policy and poses a serious policy concern for the US government. We revisit this issue by conducting a successful replication study of the results in their paper. In order to further scrutinize their claims that a heterogeneous effect of food aid on conflict is not present, we employ a semiparametric endogenous estimation procedure. We show that their parametric models cannot be rejected and argue that their findings are robust.

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Chu, Chi-Yang; Henderson, Daniel J.; Wang, Le (2017): The Robust Relationship Between US Food Aid and Civil Conflict (replication data). Version: 1. Journal of Applied Econometrics. Dataset.