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The ZBW Journal Data Archive is a service for editors of journals in economics and management. The aim of this web service is to offer scholarly journals an easy to handle infrastructure for managing and storing data sets of published articles and to link the data sets to their corresponding publication. The service is free of charge for academic journals. Working with the tool is easy and time-saving for editorial offices:

  • The management of replication files is clearly facilitated for editorial offices. You do not have to care about maintaining a server for the replication data of published articles. Instead, you are free to focus on your core tasks and leave the whole technical part to the information specialists of ZBW.

  • Articles with corresponding replication files reflect the high standard of your journal. Studies in other subjects even show that articles with replication files are cited more often than articles without replication files.

  • The visibility of your journal and of the published articles with corresponding replication data increases.

  • By using the ZBW Journal Data Archive and by employing a data availability policy, your journal shows that it reflects the current debates in science politics. You also clarify that your journal is ready for the future of science and research.

  • You show that research ethics and replicable research are important topics for your journal. In addition, you guard the journal against scientific misconduct or fraud. Therefore readers feel more trust in the research findings published by your journal.

The ZBW Journal Data Archive has been developed in the course of the DFG-funded project EDaWaX ('European Data Watch Extended') between 2011 and 2016.

This software is based on CKAN, a leading open-source software for data portals around the globe.

The service is free of charge for academic journals (please note our selection policy). Working with the tool is easy and time-saving for editorial offices.

In case of questions, please contact the product manager, Mr. Sven Vlaeminck (s[dot]vlaeminck[at]zbw-online[dot]eu).