Principles for the inclusion of journals in the ZBW Journal Data Archive (JDA)

In its statutes, the ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics defines the collection and indexing of economic literature as the purpose of the foundation. It offers comprehensive services that allow for the efficient, effective, and sustainable use of economic literature. Additionally, the ZBW has committed itself to the promotion of open scientific practices in its guidelines on openness. Through various means, the ZBW strives to promote a culture of open access to scientific results, methods, data, and findings both within and outside its own organisation.

The ZBW leads the Leibniz Research Network Open Science and works on researching and developing working methods, infrastructures, and tools for open science practices. It is active in the fields of action research, knowledge transfer, advocacy, and community building.

As an institution that promotes and supports open science practices, the ZBW has established the Journal Data Archive, a service that supports editors of economics journals in improving the reproducibility of published articles in the field of economics research and in promoting the re-use of published data and methods in accordance with the requirements of good scientific practice.

Because the ZBW is particularly concerned with promoting open science practices, the ZBW encourages Gold Open Access journals to use the Journal Data Archive service, which provides free access to published scientific results and the underlying data in the best possible way. In addition, the Journal Data Archive also offers its free service to journals whose editors are supportive of open research practices, but whose journals are still published under the subscription model or a hybrid format.

The ZBW does not offer a universal hosting service for publication-related research data from journals published by commercial publishers. However, individual journals may submit a request to use the JDA (in consultation with their publishers). These journals should have a demonstrated relevance and reputation for economics research and the journal should fit the collection profile of the ZBW.

Acceptance or rejection will be decided on a case-by-case basis. A contract with the ZBW must be concluded prior to use. There is no general entitlement to use the service.

If you and your academic journal are interested in using the ZBW Journal Data Archive, please get in touch with us.

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