Alexander Doser
; ;
Nikhil Rao
Viacheslav Sheremirov

inflation expectations and nonlinearities in the phillips curve (replication data)

The files submitted are the codes and data for the Journal of Applied Econometrics article “Inflation Expectations and Nonlinearities in the Phillips Curve” by Alexander Doser, Ricardo Nunes, Nikhil Rao, and Viacheslav Sheremirov.

Please see "readme.dnrs.pdf" in the files submitted. Please note that the structure of folders must be preserved. Folders "figures" and "tables" are initially empty but will be populated when the codes are run.

Data and Resources

Suggested Citation

Doser, Alexander; Nunes, Ricardo; Rao, Nikhil; Sheremirov, Viacheslav (2023): Inflation Expectations and Nonlinearities in the Phillips Curve (replication data). Version: 1. Journal of Applied Econometrics. Dataset.

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