Caterina Liberati
Riccarda Arianna Longaretti
Alessandra Michelangeli

measuring tolerant behavior

This paper addresses the issue of measuring tolerance, viewed as a multifaceted phenomenon involving several different social domains. We develop a multidimensional index for Likert-scale data, characterized by the following features: (i) it reflects the individual’s intensity of tolerant attitudes towards each social domain; (ii) the index can be broken down by dimension in order to determine the contribution of each dimension to overall tolerance; (iii) the index combines the different dimensions of tolerance using a weighted scheme that reflects the importance of each dimension in determining the overall level of tolerance. To show how this new measure of tolerance works in practice, we carry out a case study using an Italian recent survey asking the opinion of university students about different subjects, such as interreligious dialogue, women/religion relationship, religion/death relationship, homosexuality, and multicultural society.

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Liberati, Caterina; Longaretti, Riccarda Arianna; Michelangeli, Alessandra (2020): Measuring Tolerant Behavior. Version: 1. Journal of Economics and Statistics. Dataset.

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